Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oh toast. What does it mean that all of your links are "broken"? Or are they just...broken? No pictures of River? Does that seem right to you? Maybe it is time you took a little trip home. Here are things we could do: eat bread, make bread, sell bread, write poetry, read poetry and not least win at poetry! You can also work on our rancher friend John's Republican bid for the Wyoming Senate . And eat bread. Bread that has been delicately heated. Toast.

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chris said...



oh, sure I'll help John keep Why-oming red and in Jails twice as nice as any states else...

I wish a picture had been taken of

those fifteen minutes I wore the

Laramie Poetry Slam Champ Medallion

it is lonely in New Orleans

I'm steeling myself for summer

drink lots of water

if the heat does not kill me

I'll get stronger

combing through my archives today
a document from last February
I started writing, then got ambitious, for what else should fill the envelope, a letter never sent

Dear Sara,

yeah coming here has been good and I owe this time to you - how I could stumble upon a friend such as you
is so far beyond reasonable, it gives me a shiver and threatens
my disbelief in deity - is all I can say, about all you

Burlingame-Thomas - I don't know if I am the

redacted 's

Jason - but I have been trying, and sweating a lot which seems a basic aspect of existence in Lousiana -

its been good, I've been growing muscles, and New Orleans -

anyway - this is a workinman phase of my life and like cigarets
stunt growth. my sentences are seeds tossed into the weeds -

I miss being, with your help, Big in Laramie, and my minds eye is sure about the picture of our Bread-Poetry Cafe
being a legendary transformative of the entire why-oming

into enlightened blue-statehood -

painting today

miss you all

much Love Chris