Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The bad old days

Winnemucca burned
Not down to the ground
which would have made me clean

Winnemucca burned
in fits and starts
never a column of smoke
-too Greek

Winnemucca burned
but it never once
though it intended
(every sooty step of the way)
burned me

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Christian said...

Hi Artemis. Do I understand correctly that you post as "crazywomancreek" on fMh? I was cut off when the NO's SSM thread closed down, and lost my post thanking you for the thoughtful remarks in #200, and for the attempted advice. Wasn't sure what you meant by overblown, and if you care to elaborate, please email to my yahoo account, logicblackbelt. Despite the fierce email sig I have no intention of arguing the matter, and am honestly soliciting your feedback since am trying to improve my light/heat ratio.