Monday, April 20, 2009

trip to slc

We went to Liberty Park with Artemis and family, ate mole at Red Iguana with Mel, met Derek and explore the SLC library as well as meeting our new friend Krista from the SLC bike collective,we spent hours at Ikea where Noodle and Mel washed dishes in the kid's section, Noodle chose a snickerdoodle at the awesome bakery near the Temple and even though we had a great time at Temple Square with all the flowers in bloom, I, like a lazy slattern, forgot the camera. I also have great pictures of Chandelle's kids but have to ask her before I post them. Great trip, superb weather, it was blizzarding (again!) back home. The boys cleaned the house and worked on the upstairs bathroom remodel. I am a lucky girl.

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