Monday, May 11, 2009

I think I'm turning Japanese

I really think so. Japanese Trifele Tomato plants. Totally badass. Can't wait to eat them. Already in the ground- if you're from California you'll scoff at that- if you're from Wyoming you'll genuflect or do some other properly awe-filled gesture.


Reese Dixon said...

scoff scoff scoff. Yea, I may get tomatoes sooner, but at least your children have seen snow.

artemisandollie said...

Yeah Reese- they see snow in May- awesome! My poppies are just now sprouting...maybe if there isn't a late frost we'll even get to see them bloom!

Coral said...

Thanks for your note. I understand about Bel Canto - it was recommended to me with raving reviews by two readers (at least!) that I highly respect, so I don't deny it has merit. I think Ann Patchett is incredibly gifted with style but I feel that she stretches her characters into very implausible situations and then I find it hard to relate to their actions/reactions.
I did read Run, it was the first one of hers I read. I thought that its release was very cleverly timed with Obama's run for office. I was touched by the people, but I guess I still felt like I never quite bought into the story completely. Everyone was either so innocent or so full of goodwill or so broken. I feel like real people are so much more a mixed bag. In one situation, I am the epitomy of compassion, but the next day I choose to think only of myself, because I'm human.
Have you read Patron Saint of Liars? I think that's the next one I'm going to read. I haven't given up on her, I just feel like maybe she should keep her characters a little more human, with more realistic flaws and strengths.
Hmm. Now this is like a whole blog post. Sorry. :-)
- Coral Rose

artemisandollie said...

Coral- if it's more "flaws and strengths," you're looking for, than Liars may be your best bet. I experienced what you're talking about with her novella, Taft. I just couldn't suspend my disbelief. I am reading a lot of nonfiction at the moment and nothing I think you'd be interested in. I have a few holds at my library so that will change soon. I don't know what the blog etiquette is- was I meant to post this on your blog? That alternative seemed confusing. Also, how did you end up on Z's Daughter? Thanks for your lovely comment. Sara

Coral said...

Ah, yes, how did I end up there? LOL. I have a rampant blog-hopping addiction that is fed by really long training sessions at my job. I stumbled on a blog that led me to Segullah that led me to become addicted to their blog get the picture.

I will definitely check out Liars, then. And I am always looking for more reading friends. It's hard to keep abreast enough to survive on my finds alone. Let's keep in touch.

(And who knows about blog etiquette. Seriously, Emily Post would not know what to do with this medium. Let's just keep tabs in our own way. We can stalk each other.)