Monday, July 13, 2009


Ok, I just checked my handy sitemeter which I largely ignore. It claims that some of you spend a half hour or more perusing my eensy blog. While I am aware that it may be that you open it, go do your laundry, come back, move on...maybe some of you aren't. I would LOVE it if you left a comment and maybe even told me who you were. Maybe we'll be blog friends. Maybe we'll recommend good books to each other. Maybe our children will marry...oops, too much? Anyway, leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.


Papa D said...

CWC, Just want to say I loved your last comment to Jo on Mormon Matters. I'm not going to argue with someone who makes comments like hers, but I do want you to know I am honored to be classed as an ignoramous if you are in the same category.


PS. You are welcome on my blog anytime - and, as an admin, I can add the same for Mormon Matters.

artemisandollie said...

Not just any ignoramus's either, Ray; ones who won't hear criticism of the church AND are anti-ethical! Congrats on your new job. Any chance you'll be Sunstone? I'll be there; what is it with you peculiar people I am so attracted to?

Obee said...

alright I will come out of the dark. I found your site from fmh after wanting to put a face to this cwc person.
I always enjoy your comments on fmh. You have quite the talent, you can write so beautifully what you are thinking and I envy you for that.
CWC, you rock.

artemisandollie said...

Hooray! Thanks, Obee, you made my day. That was very sweet of you.

maureen said...

Hi cwc, I am new to fmh and navigated to your blog after being intrigued and highly entertained by your comments there. Love your sassy, intelligent comments. Look forward to many many years of reading comments from yourself and reese, mfranti, eris...just to name a few.
I've had a tumultuous year in regards to the lds church. Lucky (?) for me my husband has struggled too and so we're figuring all of this out together. Infact he found fmh first and got me onto it.
We live in Australia, have a boy and a girl, I'm I said before I love this online community...let's see if I can stir things up in OZ.
x maureen. (ps don't know if my fb url will work, haven't tried it before)

artemisandollie said...

oh Maureen - you should come to Sunstone! Reese, Chandelle and I are sharing a room, Mel, Lisa, Artemis and everyone will be there. I'll post pictures on fb!

Steph said...


Found your blog through fmh where I'm just a lookie loo.

You had me at: "Roll on the sweetly ignorant pro-patriarchy comments! "


artemisandollie said...

thanks, steph! what do you comment under on fMh?

Reese Dixon said...

Hey - Maybe our children will marry. Then they can have all the gay disapprovers disapproving as well as anyone who appreciates clarity.

Since they have the same name, see. Confusing.

Maureen said...

I know this was from bloody ages ago but I loved what I saw/read of Sunstone on fMh, ZD and fb. Your country is so may airplane hours away but I am very tempted to try for next year!

nicole said...

Okay, so maybe I blog stalk on occasion. I'm also known as that1girl. :)